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  • “With ViewPermit in place, we will enhance our reputation as a good place in which to do business."

    Mayor James J. Fiorentini
    Haverhill, MA

  • “ViewPermit will... provide real time, web-based data available to all departments to improve permit tracking, inspection and enforcement efforts. This change will save time, money and aggravation for all parties once it is up and operational."

    Mayor John DeStefano Jr.
    New Haven, CT

  • “ViewPermit will add ease, simplicity and timeliness to the permit process. Customers will no longer be required to walk permits from department to department for sign-off. All will be addressed and coordinated electronically"

     Michael V. O’Brien, City Manager

    Worcester, MA

  • “I can't believe it's that easy."

    Jessie Koltiska, Assistant Building Official
    Sheridan, WY

  • “The selection committee chose ViewPermit because of its online functionality, simple user interface, citywide approach to permit management, and the knowledge and flexibility of its project team.”

    Jocelyn Mathiasen

    CRCOG Special Projects Coordinator

  • “It allows City government to operate more efficiently and effectively."

    Mayor Lisa Wong 

    Fitchburg, MA

  • “This program will save Connecticut businesses a significant amount of time and money, avoid wasted trips to Town Hall, and allow municipal staff to operate more efficiently."

    Mayor Melody Curry (CRCOG Chair)

    East Hartford, CT

  • “Electronic permitting will integrate, automate, and manage Lexington's review and issuance of permits. As a result the Town anticipates improved coordination, productivity, and effectiveness of its various permit, license, and development processes."

    Candy McLaughlin, Assistant Town Manager 
    Lexington, MA

  • “It's excellent, especially the integrated GIS component. It expands our capabilities and reduces redundant paperwork."

    Doug Jourdan, Building Official 

    Newington, CT

  • “ViewPermit will increase the convenience to the public, while improving employee productivity.  Residents and business owners will be able to file and track the status of their licenses and permits online. It is what one expects in today’s digital world."

    Paul E. Cohen, Town Manager

    Chelmsford, MA

  • “That's a level of service we never had."

    Kevin Bare, Building Official
    Sheridan, WY

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